The Representative’s message

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Dear Net-surfers,


Thanks to New Information and Communication Technologies (NICT), with this important and attractive website, you are going to discover the key striking activities and events of The Gabonese Shippers’ Council Representation in Europe and in the Americas (REA).

In fact, the office in Paris is an extension of the general management whose head office is located in Libreville, Gabon. In this respect, our field of action is limited to missions assigned by our line management. All the directives are imposed by the highest Gabonese authorities including the Gabonese president, His Excellency Ali BONGO ONDIMBA


Therefore our main kingly mission is to manage and supervise the cargo sea traffic from Europe and the Americas to Gabon with an essential tool called the Electronic Cargo Tracking Note (ECTN)..

Aware of the fact that a deep knowledge of the documentation is necessary to send your general cargo by sea, our aim is to give you all the details in order to facilitate your shipment particularly to Gabon and generally to our shipping partners.

We finally hope that by surfing our website you will grasp the stake of our presence in France.

Enjoy surfing!

Representative of the Gabonese Shippers' Council (GSC) in Europe and in the Americas