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NKOK Special Economic Zone (SEZ)

Known as the biggest free-trade area in West and Central Africa, NKOK Special Economic Zone (SEZ) was inaugurated in September 2011. It is one of the key projects of His Excellency Ali BONGO ONDIMBA that comes true. The Gabonese president really wants his country to become an emerging one by 2025.

Located at 27 km from the eastern side of Libreville, SEZ is firstly intended to produce industrial wood. Approximately 2 million hectares of forestry lands were assigned to this great project and additional 2 million hectares are currently under implementation.

Then, Gabon offers some advantages in order to make this SEZ competitive in the world market and to make it also a privileged destination for wood-processing industry. Below are these advantages:

Tax incentives

  • Tax exemption during 10 years and further 10% tax cuts for the 5 next years;
  • Total exemption from import duties of equipment and from export duties of manufactured products;
  • Total exemption from import duties of machinery and spare parts;
  • Exemption from Value Added Tax (VAT)

Discounts and exemptions

  • 50% off on electricity tariff
  • 100% of funds repatriation
  • Labor code simplification
  • Up to 5% sales in Domestic Tariff Area (DTA) authorized without any tax impact

Geographical advantages

  • NKOK Special Economic Zone is near all transport facilities. It is located at:

- 30 km from Owendo port;
- 14 km from Ntoum railway station to Owendo port;
- 500 m from the main road RN1 on the northern edge of SEZ;
- 29 km from Libreville international airport.

Facilities for administrative formalities and procedures

  • Thanks to a single desk, NKOK SEZ would make all administrative procedures easier with the competent authorities. This desk would also give all the documents you need to create an industry in this free-trade area.

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